Asado Equipment (Primitive)

Mallmann Advanced Armado with Roasting Rack 

Our Argentine Equipment is designed to be moved from your catering trailer or truck to your customer's location, and set up quickly and easily. Our catering tables are light enough to move and set up easily. It is also designed to put on a show. Nothing screams Good Asado like the sight of 4 lambs roasting on our Patagonian Crosses and attached to our round, brick lined Argentine Cross Table. We also make tables for roasting steaks, chicken, and chorizo over embers. Remember to buy an extra table to make embers on. Our equipment is featured at the Ritz Carlton/Marriott Grande Lakes, Orlando Florida, The Ritz-Carlton, in Naples, FL, and the Ritz-Carlton, in Lake Tahoe, CA! We'd claim we were channeling Francis Mallmann, but he's not dead!