Uruguayan Grills



NorCal Ovenworks make Uruguayan Style Grills, which are about as far away in design from gas grills as you can get.

Our Uruguayan Style Grills are designed with a hearth to allow oak or other hardwood to be burned to embers, and then the embers are pushed beneath the cooking surface. The cooking surface can be adjusted to lay flat, or it can be adjusted at an angle to allow for multiple temperatures on the grill. While this grill can be used with charcoal, it s special features make it the ultimate wood fired grilling machine.

This Uruguayan Style Grill is designed to be shipped to the customer without bricks. This grill accepts 32 or 40 (depending on size of grill) standard firebricks having dimensions of 9" X 4.5" X 1.25" WITHOUT CUTTING, which are placed in the grill and held in place by a clever design.

Our line of Uruguayan Grills or Parrillas is designed to cook mouth watering meats over red hot coals just like the gauchos do in South America. Don't be fooled into thinking that a Uruguayan uses anything fancy to cook his steaks. What the gaucho wants is to cook his steaks over a simple grill that holds red hot hardwood coals and allows him to control the temperature his steaks see. Grilling temperature on a Uruguayan Grill is controlled by the amount of hot coals that is pushed under the heavy adjustable 3/8" round grilling surface and by the angle and position of the meat on the grill. Oh, and the Uruguayan appreciates real steel in his grill or parilla, the heavier the better. These grills deliver. Available now!