Masonry Grill Kits



Masonry Grill Kits: For Wood or Charcoal Grilling

NorCal Ovenworks has many different Options for your Masonry Outdoor Kitchen BBQ Grill Kit. We offer Black Steel Grill Kits and Stainless Steel Grill Kits. You can choose between a Brasero which is where you burn your wood to embers and then you push the embers under your grilling surface. You can choose to have a Flange that rests on your counter top or no flange where your grill kit bolts to your Masonry Firebox. A Santa Maria Grill Kit is perfect for an enclosed Grill Pit and comes with the Round Rod Grate. An Argentine Grill Kit usually has an open front Masonry Firebox and the grill grate is in the Argentine style of a sloped v-grate with drip pan. If you don't see what you are looking for or would like to change anything we offer custom bbq grills too.