Commercial BBQ Grills


NSF Certified Commercial Grills for Indoor and Outdoor Use 

We even make Argentine Style grills with no cables, no ratchet locks, and total free space above the grate which allows for great freedom when hanging meats, fruits, and vegetables or having a free span for rotisseries or other elements. Not to mention, this eliminates grill rock, common on Argentine Grills.

Our products include custom wood, gas, and charcoal grills and ovens for restaurants and caterers seeking to differentiate themselves from the competition by taste and visual flair:

  • Argentine and Uruguayan Grills and Catering Equipment
  • Brazilian Churrascos
  • Smokers
  • Texas Styled and Sized Pits
  • Wood Fired Italian and Pizza Ovens
  • Wood Fired Bread Ovens

Sure, we could make something that looks like what everyone else makes, but we don't want to. We want to make big, rustic, but functional products that remind us that it wasn't long ago that mankind cooked on the ground, in a skin, or holding a stick. Oh, and sometimes dinner would fight back!