Argentine Grills


Argentine style BBQ grills manufactured in the United States

Our Argentine Grills are designed to cook mouth watering meats oven red hot coals in the style of the Argentine Asado. An Argentine Asado might be referred to as the mother of all barbecues, where grilled meat is taken very seriously. On a lighter note, it can be one heck of a party.

Argentine Style Grills are equipped with an adjustable height, sloped V Grate cooking surface. The adjustable height of the Argentine Grill cooking surface allows precise temperature control of the grilling meat to achieve uniformly cooked meats with a uniform doneness across the thickness of the meat. The sloped V grate cooking surface of an Argentine Grill drains fat away from the fire, preventing flareups which could diminish the flavor of fine grilled meats.

Argentine Grills use charcoal or wood, never propane, to impart a light smoke flavor to the meats.

Beef is the meat of choice at an Argentine Barbecue, but pork, chicken, sweetbreads, and sausages are offered as well. Preparation is simple, meats are seasoned with coarse salt only, with lemon juice frequently added to chicken and sweetbreads. Often, chimichurri sauce consisting of parsley, oregano, garlic, olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, and water is served alongside grilled meats, but a great many Argentineans think it is a crime to put anything at all on grilled meat. Besides meat, green salads, grilled vegetables, potato salads, and crusty bread are served at Argentine Asados. Descriptions of the various sausages or chorizos, including blood sausage and sweetbreads is well beyond our scope here, but they are often present at an Argentine BBQ.


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