Santa Maria Grills (without Braseros)



A Santa Maria Grill is an Argentine Grill without a brasero. It's usage is different. Instead of making embers in a brasero and pulling hot coals under the grill, Santa Maria Grills are designed to cook directly over the fire and resulting embers for a smokier product. This line of Argentine BBQ Grills has been certified by NSF. Cook mouth watering meats over smoky red oak or red hot coals just like we do in California. These are the grills used to make Santa Maria Style BBQ, which consists primarily of sirloin, tri-tip, and linguica sausages grilled oven red oak, or charcoal if you really must cheat. Available in 3/16" steel, or 3/8" steel fireboxes for long life.

Available with Argentine, cast iron, round rod, square rod, expanded metal, or mesh grilling surfaces.